Consumer 1st FCU Debit Card Fraud Alert Enhancements

Consumer 1st FCU debit card fraud alert system has been enhanced to protect our members from potential fraud.

If a transaction on your card is flagged by our Fraud Alert system as a suspicious transaction, you will receive an email to verify if the transaction is legitimate.  If you do not respond to the email you will receive a text message, last attempt to reach you will be a phone call.  All fraud alerts will be addressed from Consumer 1st FCU.

Please respond to these messages to avoid temporarily blocking  your card if transaction in question is legitimate.  In the event transaction is fraudulent, block will remain on the card.

If  you previously received a text message to sign up for our Fraud Alerts and had replied STOP, you will need to contact the credit union if you are now interested in this service.  All other cardholders will automatically have this service.

Please contact the credit union at 412-424-6050 if you have any questions.

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